Corten Steel Garden Edge - BORDER 90R250 Z - 25x25x20


BORDER 90R250 Z is a massive, modular and uncomplicated lawn edging. Made of 2 mm thick corten steel. Resistant to UV rays and negative temperatures. It can be used to hide electrical wires and garden hoses, and above all to mark the sidewalk border, separating paths from plants, aggregate separator, and finally as a decorative band.



Currently all of our products are made to order.

The approximate time for this product is 6-8 weeks.

Our fabricated Corten steel products come in an un-weathered finish and it will take approximately 3 - 5 months to weather & gain its infamous rust orange/brown effect.

Please just be aware that during this time it is possible for rust to rub off on anyone brushing up against/sitting on the planters, and also for rust run-off to stain paving beneath.

Deliveries of products up to 200cm in length will be made on pallet and delivered on a vehicle with a tail lift.

Anything over 2000mm in length is subject to an extra delivery charge if there is not a forklift at the delivery address for unloading.

Delivery service does not include siting or installation.
Delivery to 1 UK mainland address included, deliveries outside of this will be subject to additional charges.