What is Corten Steel?

Corten Steel Wall Panel

Often referred to by it's trademark name Cor-Ten Steel, it was developed in the 1930's primarily for industrial use. However, in more recent times the aesthetic and weather resistant characteristics of Corten Steel has caught the attention of architects and designers alike. In particular, it's ability to create a visually appealing protective layer of oxides that gradually evolves over the course of time, making it an interesting and inspiring material for a multitude of non-industrial and architectural applications not considered at its conception.

Aside from its exceptional strength, the key characteristic of Corten Steel is its ability to generate a protective oxide surface, which after time becomes impermeable to the effects of the weather. And as an added bonus, the protective oxide layer takes on a beautifully textured patina of natural earth-tones across its entire surface.

The incredible strength and weather resistance of Corten Steel is due to the combination of alloys used in its manufacturing process, this made it ideal for its intended use in bulk transportation and storage applications - particularly railway carriages and grain hoppers.
Angel of the North

Artists and Architectural Designers soon began utilising Corten Steel in their projects, one of the most notable examples here in the UK is Antony Gormley's landmark Angel Of The North situated in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.

Since its installation in 1998 this incredible sculpture has taken on the characteristic red hue of Corten Steel's oxidised surface coating and is always a stunning sight to behold when travelling North.

In more recent years however, designers and stylists have been inspired to use Corten Steel as a material for products and outdoor furniture intended or domestic and urban use. Our Steel Planters are a great example of this, available in Tall, Low, Narrow, Square and Round sizes as well as any specific custom size you may need.

It's naturally evolving patina will over time create an organic orange/brown colour that works well when combined with wood in products such as Benches and of course, Woodstands.